About our chickens

We raise chickens for meat, our chickens are derived from an american and european old heritage breed that was developped in the 60's to meet the high standard of quality of the french "label rouge". 

babies broiler

it takes 11 to 12 weeks to raise them to maturity on pasture, the old fashioned way.

12 weeks old broiler

We also feed them a USDA certified organic mix of grains without soy. We never medicate them and do not use any growth "promotor", they are raised slowly and simply on an excellent feed and grass and bugs.

The result is a premium bird that has no egal in taste and texture. They weight from 3lb to 5lb.

We do NOT raise Cornish Cross or X. 

In the 1920, some 60 breeds of chickens thrived on American farms, today ONE hybrid, the Cornish Cross, supply nearly every supermarket.
In the 1940, confinement-rearing became the dominant form of production for the poultry industry and Cornish Cross the bird of choice. Since then the conventional poultry industry has genetically modified them for rapid growth, efficient feed conversion, large breasts, limited feathering (for ease of plucking) and other traits considered desirable for rearing 15,000 birds in filthy conditions in a wharehouse.
Because of all those genetic modifications, they reach a market weight of 5lb in 6 weeks !!!!
Those poor birds grow so fast that their body can not follow : they die of sudden heart faillure, they are prone to joint and ligament problems, their bones are simply not strong enough to support their weight, their immune system is compromised leaving them susceptible to disease (therefor the use of large amount of antibiotics), they are also not good at foraging (they can not really stand on their legs !!), their meat has poor texture and no taste ..

The result is a Frankenchick but those are the chickens you find at the grocery store even under the organic label ... and it is cheap.