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# 1 Eggs ...

Posted 3/27/2014 8:09pm by Renee Savary.

# 1 Eggs

#1 Eggs

I was already really happy to score 5 eggs (exemplary) on the Cornucopia Institute Organic Egg Scorecard but we are the #1 on the list !!!!

… I am eggstatic ….

We are now officially THE best eggs !!!

The Cornucopia Institute Organic Egg Scorecard rates farms and companies that market private-label or name-brand organic “shell” eggs based on 22 criteria that are important to the organic consumers.

The scorecard showcases ethical farms and their brands, and exposes factory farm producers and brands in grocery store cooler’s that threaten to take over organic livestock agriculture. Non organic or “natural” do not make the list as they are just conventional eggs.

For me this #1 spot is the result of years of hard work, refusing to cut corner, going through the expense of feeding my chickens the best organic mix of real grains, rejecting cheap alternative like soy.

Over the years I was able to improve our practice increasing our chickens well being and safety … and you know how the saying goes :

Happy Chickens = Happy Eggs …

and tonight we can add Happy Farmer …  

Thank you to All of you that have purchases our eggs over the years now let’s do a little bragging about them and spread the good news …

 Here is the link to the Cornucopia Institute Organic Egg Scorecard:


 Thank you for supporting a better way to produce healthy and wholesome food.

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