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Posted 10/19/2008 11:47am by Renee Savary.

They are 5 weeks old, very small birds compare to the Dominiques or the Rhode Islands, very shy too. Almost impossible to take a decent pix of them ... they keep on running away from me. Very pretty birds ...

            Leghorn 5 w old

            Leghorn 5 w old

            Leghorn 5 w old


Posted 9/28/2008 9:50am by Renee Savary.

I took those pictures a few days ago when they were just 10 days old.

           2nd flock 10 days

It took the previous flock a good two weeks to do the same thing .... !!!!

                                          Another queen of the water cooler .....

                           2nd flock 10 days roosting

They are already jumping out of the pool ... but they don't know how to get back in !!! ....  When one is in trouble he will call for help with this very loud cry and all the others are totally quiet ....

                                                        Visiting .....

             2nd flock 10 days visiting 

Posted 9/17/2008 8:46am by Renee Savary.

This morning at 6:45am the post office called me, my baby chicks had arrived !!

I got a lot of emails about getting them through mail order. Here is a pix of the box ....


They are all bundled against each other to keep warm.

             Box open


They hatched on Monday and they can survive for a couple of days without feed or water. But let me tell you they are starving .... those have been out of the box for less than 5 minutes ....

            just in

The first 2 days I put the feed and the water in little plates that I find easier for them to access than the feeders, that also mean serious poopingscouping .. lol ..

They are Leghorn Light Brown :


They are smaller than the ones I got but have a reputation of good layers (no pressure) and they produce white eggs.

            snacking already