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organic bees

Posted 4/28/2016 10:13pm by Renee Savary.

This week we got new bees, they arrive through the mail and the post office called me around 6:30am to let me know they were in !!! Here what the box looks like : 3 lb of bees and a queen. The box is really well sealed and contain a can of sugary liquid to feed the bees during the trip. 

I started by setting all my material, boxes, frames, cover etc .. Last thing you want is missing some part when you have bees all over ... and yes been there done it !!!!
Hive set
The Queen is inside the box in a box !! I will have to install her first in the hive, I move a bunch of frames to give me some space and once the bees are in I will put them back ... At this point I will lift the metal can and pick up the Queen box ...
setting new bees
This is what a Queen box looks like, the Queen is attended by a couple of bees, the white part to the right is a sugary substance that the bees will go through and release the Queen in the new hive ... 
Queen box
I staple the box in between two frames, it just needs to hold for a couple of days and then will be removed ...
Queen box installation
The next step is to dump the bees from the box into the hive by first removing the can and then a good shake and most of them clump down.
On a side note during all this bees are flying around but they are not aggressive at all ... then I install the 4 remaining frame and can close my hive.
Bees in the hive ...
Because I did not get all the bees out of the box, I will just leave it in front of the hive and by the end of the day they will all be in ...
Now I will leave this hive grow over the summer, I dont harvest honey the first season, I let them build up their hive and build their reserve for the winter.  They have a lot of work in front of them.
I let the garden go wild and it is full of wild flowers and herbs that reseeded themselves, the bees should have plenty to forage.
all set
I thought I was done with the bees when I found this out !!!!
Yes a swarm !!! ... from one of the hive at the Bee Garden next to the pond ...
But it is late so this is going to be next week story ...
Please visit our Apiary section of our web site and learn what we do and how we do it ... and you can help the bees too, at the FarmStand we have a nice collection of flowers seeds and mixes ..