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BlueBerry Clafoutis
Blueberry Clafoutis : This time of the year, in north Florida, it is BlueBerry central !! They grow easily and this year cold winter and wet spring  seems to be ideal for them. The bushes are loaded. Blueberry Clafoutis is easy to make ...

Twin Oaks Farm Roasted Muscovy Duck ...
A few times a year we raise Muscovy ducks. They are raised slowly, over a 12/14 weeks period, on pasture supplemented with organic soyfree grains. The result is an incredible meat probably one of the best I ever had. Most duck recipe are quite elabo
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How to brine our Bourbon Red Turkey ...
How to brine your turkey …. The day before you will want to cook your turkey you will need to brine it. Soaking your turkey overnight in a mix of salt and water will help keep it moist. You will need : a 5 gallon container (stockpot, bu

How to cook our Bourbon Red Turkey ...
All temp and cooking time to roast with a conventional oven ... How to cook your turkey … First a few comments on my last post “how to brine your turkey” … I got several emails asking if it was a “must” &hellip

Twin Oaks Farm Roasted Chicken
How to roast our chickens .... Our chickens are super easy to prepare: salt, pepper and a splash of olive oil (here in the picture I have added some mustard but you dont have to) .... PLEASE AVOID GARLIC OR HEAVY DUTY RUB, we want you taste the chic
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