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How to brine our Bourbon Red Turkey ...

How to brine your turkey ….

The day before you will want to cook your turkey you will need to brine it. Soaking your turkey overnight in a mix of salt and water will help keep it moist.

You will need : a 5 gallon container (stockpot, bucket) or a cooler with ice and if using a cooler it is better to put your turkey in a large brining or oven roasting bag.


1 ½ cups of salt (if smaller than 5gal reduce to 1cup of salt)

½ cup of brown sugar

6 bay leaves

2 Tbs of whole coriander seeds

2 Tbs of whole black peppercorns

1 Tbs of fennel seeds

1 Tsp of brown mustard seeds

or you can use our Grey Sea Salt Turkey Rub, 1 cup of it and add 1 additional cup of plain salt and the ½ cup of sugar.

Spice mix for the brine ...

Bring a quart of water and all of the above to a boil and let it simmer for 10 to 15 minutes, 
stirring until the salt/sugar has dissolved.

You will also need 2 thinly sliced onions, 2 lemons and a bottle of dry white wine.


Remove the turkey from the plastic bag, wash it thoroughly, pat it dry and set in the container or the bag you will be using, add 7 quart of water, the onions/lemon/whine and herb/salt water mix.

turkey and 1/2 of the mix ...

Make sure the whole turkey is submerged, if not weight it down with a plate.

Turkey submerged in brine

Refrigerate for 24h … if using a cooler, surround the turkey bag with ice, adding during the process to keep the temperature at 40F.

All the pictures are from the one I put in the brine tonight, tomorrow I will take it out and roast it … stay tuned for more …

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