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How to cook our Bourbon Red Turkey ...

All temp and cooking time to roast with a conventional oven ...

How to cook your turkey …

First a few comments on my last post “how to brine your turkey” … I got several emails asking if it was a “must” … no, it is not, the theory behind brining is that it will help keep the turkey moist, so up to you, I did brine the one I just cooked and it came out awesomely moist. 

After 24h in the brine I took the turkey out and rinced it well with water, pat it dry, inside/out, and set it on the roasting rack. I then covered it and let it stand in room temperature for  almost 2h (went to feed the chickens, took longer than expected etc etc). I think this part is really important, the turkey needs time to warm up before putting it in the oven. I would say at least 1h30 or so …

In the meantime you can prepare the turkey rub and the mix to baste the turkey. I took a cup of butter and 2 large spoons of our Grey Sea Salt Turkey Rub and mix it together.

butter/salt mix

To baste the turkey I use a quart of chicken broth, added a cup of water and a stick of butter, warmed it up slowly, you want to have it hot when you will be using it.

broth/butter to baste

I also prepared an onion, a carrot and a lemon to put inside the turkey, adding herbs like rosemary, thyme or sage is a good idea too.

I tucked the wings under, tied up the legs together, rubbed the butter/salt mix inside and outside of the turkey, added the onions/lemon/carrot to the inside, the bird was ready for the oven.

Oven ready

Oven ready ...

I had pre heated it at 400F but lowered the temp to 325F and let the turkey roast for an hour without opening the oven door.

After an hour I started basting it with the broth/butter mix every ½ hour and I roasted the turkey for another hour.

Turkey after an hour roasting

At this point I checked the temperature and it was at 167F.

after 2h temp at 167F

The turkey was a 8.5lb and it took 2h to be ready … you will have to really monitor the temp after 1h30min for the smaller ones but for the 9lb to 11lb range 2h to 2h15min should do it …

The oven I used does not have a broiler, if it had I would have run it 3 minutes at the end … but no more than that.

Once I took it out of the oven I transfer the rack over a cookie sheet and cover the turkey with foil and let it stand for almost 1h and then carved it ….

By then it was like 9:30pm and I thought I would just have a little piece to taste …OMG !! lol … it was so good, moist perfect and so full of flavor …

The first roasted turkey raised here at the farm !


I hope you are going to like it as much as I did …

To recap : brining is not a must but recommended, let it stand at room temp for at least 1h (2h for the 10lb over ones), rub butter/salt all over it, roast for an 1h at 325F and then another hour basting it every 30 minutes … Start to check the temp after 2h …

Et voila … best turkey ever …

From all of us here at the farm we wish you All a Happy Thanksgiving … Thank you for purchasing your turkey from us. Please tell your friends and family you will be sharing it with : you got a Bourbon Red, this is an heritage breed,  unaltered by modern agriculture, your turkey was raised right here at the farm on our organic pasture for the last six months … Thank you …

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Delivery said,
9/7/2013 @ 8:27 am
Thanks for the detailed preparation note on turkey recipe. I agree with you Bourbon Red is an heritage breed undisturbed by modern agriculture.
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