Sponsor a hive

Sponsor a hive

The purchase cost of a hive,including the bees, is $500.

For 2014 we have 8 hives available for sponsoring.

By sponsoring a hive you will help us increase our bee population and with us you will be an integral part of the bee preservation.

Beekeeping is a long term commitment and we will thank you many times to make that commitment with us:

Sponsor a hive and we will share the bounty:

  •          By offering you, today, 2 jars of this year harvested 100% honey.
  •          This first year we are not harvesting honey from those new hives but next year we will send you another 2 jars of our 100% honey 2015 production.
  •           Each sponsor will have the opportunity to spend a few hours beekeeping with the farmer and have a close experience with our bees followed by a breakfast at the farm (limited to 2 person per sponsorship).

up close with the bees