100% Honey

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This honey was produced on our farm by our bees.

The first year we do not harvest the honey and let the bees have it to help them established a strong hive. The second year we only harvest the spring honey and then let our bees build their reserve for the winter.

Our production is very small. We, firmly, believe our all biodynamic non-chemical beekeeping is part of the solution to the ongoing bee problems! Our honey has the unique flavor of 100% honey.

We never feed our bees high fructose corn syrup or soy patty ... our honey is 100% honey with NO sugar added. Our Honey is raw, unprocessed, unheated.

By purchasing a jar of our honey you will help us increase our bee population and be an integral part of the bee preservation.

The whole $25 will be use to increase our bee population and the creation of Bee Garden. 

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Producer: Twin Oaks Farm
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